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Born from cutting-edge research, FYOX helps dentists during soft tissues procedure. It is a patient-based solution, that improves gingival and subgingival tissue, rebalancing oral health and well being.It is an internationally patented formula. It is intended for professional dental applications and must be used exclusively by qualified personnel.

When it comes to Severe, Recurrent, Idiopathic Gingivitis, FYOX is your smartest ally

Thanks to its patented formulation, Fyox smoothly removes biofilm, gently exfoliates the gingiva, with consequent tissue reparation through epidermal cell renewal. All of it with immediate astringent and hemostatic effect.

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When it comes to Mucositis and Peri-implantitis, FYOX is the ideal support treatment

Peri-implant mucositis, confined to the peri-implant soft tissue unit, is clinically characterized by redness, swelling and bleeding on gentle probing. If the implant surfaces become colonized by pathogenic bacteria, the plaque-induced inflammation around the implants may cause peri-implant tissue destruction.

FYOX is a very precious ally for multiple reasons. First because once applied, it has an immediate astringent and hemostatic effect, which means instant swelling reduction and blood and sulcus secretion-free field, facilitating dental work.

Second because it smoothly removes biofilm, (through exfoliation), therefore decontaminating the exposed dentinal tubules, and gently exfoliates the gingiva, with consequent tissue reparation.

Third because regular personal and professional cleaning of the implant is mandatory to minimize bacterial load, and FYOX has no abrasive effect on tooth enamel and dentine and can therefore be used regularly.

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When it comes to advanced Periodontitis, FYOX gives you the confidence that you have provided the patient with the most advanced and effective periodontal available treatment on the market

Periodontitis is characterized by pockets between gums and teeth that fill with plaque, calculus, and bacteria. The goal of a periodontitis treatment is to thoroughly clean the pockets around teeth and prevent damage to surrounding bone.

FYOX is applied easily and quickly with a micro-brush, it combats pathogenic noxa, it removes the biofilm, through exfoliation and it is adjuvant in the decontamination of the subgingival area including the periodontal pockets.

Moreover, thanks to its specific formulation, it chemically exfoliates the inflamed gum of the gingival sulcus, inducing bio-stimulation and tissue reparation.

It does not aerosol.

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When it comes to Multibrackets orthodontic therapy, FYOX is the technology you are looking for, before, during and after the treatment

First of all, FYOX has an astringent effect, allowing a dentist taking better impressions and scan.

During the multibrackets orthodontic therapy, FYOX gently exfoliates the inflammatory layer of the gingiva, and therefore the biofilm, with consequent tissue reparation through epidermal cell renewal solving all kind of gingivitis.

Finally, after the treatment, FYOX helps you to reestablish a gum health and take the new impressions or scans.

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When it comes to Periodontal maintenance therapy, FYOX priority is the protection of sensitive dental substance with simultaneous effective cleaning

Recall Therapy is usually done with an ultrasonic device that uses vibrations to loosen and remove plaque. FYOX helps by gently removing gingival biofilm, decontaminating therefore the surface.

Thanks to the innovative formula, it has no abrasive effect on tooth enamel and dentine and can therefore be used as part of regular recall treatments.

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